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Hair on the areola edge again, hair around the areola hair around the areola. Hair and a little puffiness but it is normal! A slightly inverted nipple a very pale areola color this looks like an inverted nipple. Hirsutism (hair) around the areola, plus two nipple cysts that appeared when the lady was 35. Just like other skin surfaces on the body, the areola (dark circle around the nipple) contains hair follicles, so hair on the breast is considered normal. Shaving or plucking could lead to inflection, so if the hair is bothersome, its best to cut with a small scissors. Medical issues that can cause bumps on your areola or nipples. In women who are breastfeeding, the flow of milk can sometimes get obstructed and build up behind a milk duct, causing a spot or a tender lump to develop.

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