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Hairy men dont give a st what the trends are or what david beckham looks like with his top off. From an evolutionary standpoint, why is it beneficial for men to have facial and chest hair? Tash if you look at some of our relatives, we primates are a fairly hairy bunch. Frequently genetics has just about everything to do with body hair. Some genetic variations such as klinefelter syndrome, a man with xxy genetic pattern might be more on the bottom quartile of hairyness but still in the usual range of men, a more. But still, its great to have even more evidence on why all you furry men are super sexy. Check out the video below, or just skip over it and read on, because im going to tell you the gist of it.   hair growth in humans is complicated and influenced by several different genes and hormones. The prevailing theory is that we evolved to have less hair than primates because our ancestors evolved sweating as a strategy to keep cool on the african savannah, and too much hair gets in the way of sweating. In india, hair removal depends on whether you are hindu or sikh. Hindu boys will shave their heads at age 4 in a religious ceremony. As adults, males shave their heads as a sign of respect when an elder dies. For devout sikh men, cutting or shaving any body hair is taboo. Unshorn hair is considered one of the five outer signs of the sikh faith. In some ways, hairy men are looked down upon when we take hollywoods clean-shaven ideals of beauty into account. Why are violent killers almost always men? - duration 1311.   testosterone increases hair growth on the face and body but decreases hair growth on the head. If a person has a lot of testosterone they go bald but grow beards and body hair. Some medications for hair growth work by blocking testosterone.

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